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Walden Macnair's Journal

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
2:39 pm - Private Entry
He is dead, and with him, my dreams of peace. Is it possible that he could have been so easily defeated, he who was more powerful than I was, rivalled only by Dumbledore? I have many questions, and I fear the answers. My acquaintances must be informed and my vassals protected. Barty can be beaten now, with no excuse for his excesses, and-

But what does that matter? My safety is ensured, Fudge and others will mae sure of that. Sympathies for the Ministry must be made public. A new era of cooperation and the shoring up of protection, language of peace and unity.

I need to know if he will return. I know there were safeguards, but this defeat- this victory, rather, though unlooked for at this time- came so unusually that I wonder if the Dark Lord had truly been ready.

But I must not tarry with this diary when there are letters to write and people to visit. The Wizengamot will be recalled tonight, and Miss Crowe- Elena, rather- must be visited. Will I still have excuses to see her again? And will the Americans want retribution? What protection can my clients and vassals offer me should suspicion fall heavily upon me?

Walden Macnair, early on the 1st November, 1981

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
8:44 am - Private Entry
So, the Dark Lord has discovered the identity of the parents of the child he must kill. Alice Longbottom is one of them. It is lucky that I no longer care for her; even Isabel means more to me, and she can mean nothing when she is allied to the Mudblood Obliviator. The Dark Lord was influenced by my suggestion of using Crouch Jr as a lure. If this gains me favour, then it will recover some of my esteem in his eyes. Otrherwise, I fear it will be a great loss, for to exchange such a useful bait for mere information on how to cheat fate hardly benefits my aims.

So be it, then. The Longbottoms will die, and their son- Nelson? Neville? - will die. There will be more chances to engineer the downfall of my Lord. In the meantime, I will begin to strengthen my allies and conspirators. It is, of course, unthinkable that a mere two wizards, even Aurors, could defeat the Dark Lord. That means he will survive longer, and this is vital for the destruction of our world to be made permanent, making the senseless deaths that the Dark Lord inflicts in to something meaningful.

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Friday, January 16th, 2004
10:00 pm - Private Journal
There is a distressing lack of general anarchy in the world. Only destruction and war seems necessary to recreate the world, though sometimes I grow weary of so much death. Such thoughts can and must wait, though. There is a small village in Wales where Muggles and Wizards both live, apparently unnoticed by the other, but that is not the point. A full moon is growing near again. Mulciber is the ideal candidate for a cover-up, though I do not trust his motives. Nevertheless, Imperio is not my strong point. Mulciber it must be.

More will be written later.

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Monday, October 6th, 2003
2:33 pm - In Macnair's Private Journal.
I don't understand. Not at all. Oh, she did mention adultery, as if that was an option, but I thought that was a mere fancy, a little contemplation to spite her husband's infidelities. Had she offered, would I accept?

I know full well the answer to that, conscience be damned, so why am I surprised that bastard Peasgood wouldn't accept? I'd never have realised though, she is a most cunning woman, and he is surely as wise for her to consider him worthy.

But I've faileed. I've failed at all I do. The Dark Lord's wrath will not be placated with a torture, not even of Travers, were he to ever escape the Aurors- and Our Lord is a beast, unthinking, demanding that the guilty of his inner circle die by his own hand.

I cannot flee to Africa. To do so would be to admit defeat, and every animal I've set my mind against has succumbed to my blade. Because I put my mind to it, and was not distracted, and I've never fallen in love with the mate of a beast.

The thought of them together. I can't stand it. And to make the matter worse, and stop all suspicions, I must dine with her and her husband soon.

Is there no virtue in the world? Or am I simply some sexless fool?

Then what is it that I feel for her?

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Saturday, August 9th, 2003
9:29 pm
I am back. America was interesting enough, though they are ridiculously fawning towards the aristocracy. Most embarassing. Still, the hunting was good, and there's another head on the walls of Braddock Hall.

[Private: Death Eaters]
And I am furious.
Lucius, you are an embarrassment to our Master and to our Cause. A killing of the editor would allow a moderate to take over, putting enough pressure on both the Minister and Crouch to be a discomfort to both, not the minor embarrassment it currently operates as. Indeed, now a new Act taking all limits off the Press is about to go through- I have been forced to support it so as not to let my true sympathies show. If you thought Palladium was ridiculously ebullient before, well, his outpourings will be like a veritable tidal wave of Quibbler-esque effluence.

I will look forward to the next little meeting. I hope Lucius will be the very centrepiece.

Now to find some way of salvaging my our position.


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Saturday, July 19th, 2003
9:41 pm
Well, I am back from the North, and to be quite honest the Giants are getting restless. I know perfectly well the traditional tactics are obsolete, but the funding for re-education and assimilation into a vestige of society just isn't there. Thus, the Ministry will continue to hunt them into oblivion. Fudge seems to be settling in well (more's the pity) though he has a rather weedy voice that will ne'er resound with the strength it needs to rip a giant's windpipe out when a Stunning spell fails. A great loss, of course, but the slaughter they bring... I digress. They are inferior, of course, and there is nothing more to be said on the matter.

A mere four days before I must leave for America. Apparently there is a particularly vicious manticore roaming the Nevada desert, and the Americans are incapable of taking it down. Thus it falls to the Scottish to actually get anything done.

[Private] And of course, it gives me an excellent cover for visiting a number of sympathisers on the other side of the Atlantic. If they're anything like Crowe (a fine woman, with a good head on her shoulders) then I should have an interesting time of it. At least the Yanks don't seem to be ones for the infighting and politics the Wizangamot go in for- if I have to threaten that bloody Platter to vote against the Minister one more time I'll probably do something I'll regret. [/Private]

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Sunday, July 6th, 2003
10:55 pm
Hmm, Shawn Lupin is settling in well, as are Jones and Blecher. It is a pity that the latter is virtually incapacitated, though- these former Muggles never take well to Portkeys, even with the magic of the were within their veins. However, St Mungo's is well suited to the scheme. Besides, my faked report on werewolf brains is coming along well- cross-referencing has, however, become tedious in the extreme. It is at points like this when I miss Umslopogaas, Zulu and barbarian as he was, for at least he could be trusted with basic work. I digress, however. The Cause goes well enough, and the advances with the Eye have been well greeted by Our Lord.

[Private: Rookwood and Twist]
Twist, congratulations on the excellent job.

There's an Obliviator with certain... tendencies, who might be useful to the Cause, certainly in would keep. Find out more about his lineage, please, Rookwood. And I would quicken your dalliance with the Coffee Girl, that ridiculous Isabel Crouch seems to think Ms Hopkirk would be better for you.

I have made contact with the Americans; they seem conducive to our aims. I believe an attack on the Free Spirit Press would be good so as to convince them of our anti-Bolshevik sympathies. I am tempted to ask Bella, but the Lestranges and their lackeys are growing in power every day. They have already made contact with a boy I had great hopes for - young Barty Jr. - and they lack a certain finesse in matters of diplomacy. Are there any youngsters that need to convince us of their worth? Maybe young Malfoy?

Yours in the Cause,
Walden Macnair

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Sunday, June 15th, 2003
3:06 pm
I have returned from a particularly messy execution at Azkaban via the Braddock estates, only to find the Ministry almost silent. I do ken the fact that it's a Sunday, and even we are loath to break the Good Laird's Sabbath, but there is a war on. Maybe we can get a wee bit of action around here before mrs_minister checks in.

By the way, I was nae impressed by riportingrita's article on werewolf rights. As my own research has shown, werewolves do not in fact bear a layer of fur under their own skin, and removing the finger of suspects is nae way to identify lycanthropy. Scaremongering should be left to the experts, not the press, Miss Skeeter.

current mood: aggravated

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